For 2016 the Chevrolet Cruze Receives a Facelift and More

April 21st, 2015 by

2016 Chevrolet Cruze

Even though the Cruze isn’t scheduled to be redesigned for a few more years, Chevrolet made a bold change to give this highly popular small sedan a new look that is edgier and more attractive.  This compact sedan is expected to lead the charge in the introduction of the new generation of Ecotec engines from GM and this new appearance may be what is needed to help make this happen for the car which will in the future feature engines that are cutting edge and leading the charge into a more environmentally friendly world.
The new Cruze for 2016 shows up with an added curb appeal, which you may think is a term that should be reserved for the real estate markets, and starts with a more aggressive front fascia.  The dual port grill that showed up on the 2015 model is a bit bolder than before and having sleek LED-infused headlights and fog lamps helps owners see where they are going with brighter lights.  The profile of the new Cruze has pronounced sculpting on the doors and a line that appears to be borrowed from the Impala in the rear quarter panel.  The final appearance change is the deck lid which now has an integrated spoiler lip, trimmed down taillights, and new chrome trim.
Even though Chevrolet has not yet shown us what engines will be in the engine compartment of the Cruze, the new Ecotec family may show up right away as this car has been redesigned on the outside to give better airflow and aerodynamics.  Most likely the lineup will have two gasoline choices, the 1.5-liter and 1.4-liter turbo along with the existing 2.0-liter turbodiesel continuing on.  The transmission is expected to be a six-speed manual and a seven-speed dual clutch automatic is expected to be available as well.
Even though Chevrolet has not shown or spoken of any change to the interior as of yet, you can certainly expect this to change as well.  The expectation is the Cruze will showcase more enhanced and premium features to give better equipment for owners to enjoy as they enjoy this daily driver that makes its home mostly in the city, but is capable of being a great commuter car even for those who have long commute to and from work.  Of course the technology will include the Siri Integration and the OnStar 4GLTE connectivity as well.
It’s unusual to see a model changed so much in mid-generation, but the changes and improvements to the Cruze can give us a clue to the idea that GM does not want to wait to introduce the Ecotec engines and is ready to unleash them to the world.  What the 2016 Cruze will end up having and being powered by is yet to be seen, but certainly the Cruze will continue to be a car that helps Chevrolet continue to be at the forefront of the auto industry.

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