New Chevrolet Cruze Indianapolis

New Chevrolet Cruze Indianapolis

There are plenty of dealerships in the Indianapolis area that sell the Chevy Cruze. It’s a popular car to buy because it’s a great car to drive. At Ray Skillman Chevrolet, we believe that your buying experience should match the Cruze you want to buy: quick, easy, and always convenient. Check out how we can help make your Cruze-buying experience the best one you’ve ever had.

Indy Cruze Inventory

Search Cruze InventoryFinding the right Cruze for you isn’t hard when you have plenty of choices available. Ray Skillman Chevrolet keeps a strong inventory of Chevy Cruzes on hand so our customers can exercise their right as Americans to choose the best car for them. You don’t have to settle. Ray Skillman will help you find the Cruze you want to buy.

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Ray Skillman has YOUR Cruze

Compact in all the right waysCompact in all the right ways

It’s unfortunate that some people won’t consider a “compact” vehicle like the Chevy Cruze based upon its classification. Unlike other compact cars you may have experienced in the past, the Chevrolet Cruze is designed to be compact the right way while still offering the space and comfort you crave.

What’s compact about the Cruze? It’s light enough with great technology to give you excellent fuel economy. It’s priced like other compact vehicles. The difference is that it has space that’s designed to amaze you. Don’t knock it until you sit in one.

All the tech you craveAll the tech you crave

One of the best advantages that Ray Skillman Chevrolet has over our competitors is that we have the highest level of understanding when it comes to the advanced technologies offered in the Cruze. Our team is trained above and beyond the requirements to make sure they can help you with all of the incredible advancements packed into this vehicle.

This isn’t as common as one might believe. Some Chevy dealers can barely log into the 4G LTE WiFi, let alone demonstrate how to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Our team will make you a car tech geek in no time.

Affordability without compromiseAffordability without compromise

One of the hallmarks of Ray Skillman dealerships over the decades is our willingness to be completely transparent with our pricing. The Cruze is already a very affordable vehicle at MSRP, but Ray Skillman Chevrolet takes the savings to the next level with pricing and finance options to fit just about any budget.

In 2017, it’s a shame that there are still dealerships in the area that don’t believe in transparent vehicle pricing. Let Ray Skillman show you the modern buying process with no pressure and excellent customer service.

Always special at Ray SkillmanAlways special at Ray Skillman

As we mentioned above, we always keep a strong inventory of new Cruzes available for our customers. That’s one of the reasons that it’s a vehicle we always keep on special. With so many coming in, it’s important that we keep them going out as well. This can be a huge advantage to Indianapolis Cruze shoppers.

Check out our specials which are updated constantly. You’re sure to find a Cruze special ready to make your next purchase a wonderful one.

Dozens of new Cruzes availableDozens of new Cruzes available

When we say “dozens,” we’re not talking about 24. The key to our success is an uncanny commitment to amazing our customers whenever the opportunity presents itself. However, the best customer service in the world can’t overcome the challenge of not having enough vehicles available. Ray Skillman Chevrolet has your Cruze.

In fact, we probably have several that you’ll love. Come by, call, or email us so we can show you exactly what we can do for you.

Ray Skillman Customer Reviews

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Google May 23, 2017

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Google May 19, 2017

Very nice almost like family

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Google May 17, 2017

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Yelp May 2, 2017

I recently visited the service dept for an oil change and tire rotation. Everyone I came in contact with was warm and friendly. Great customer service!

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Google Apr 28, 2017

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Google Apr 25, 2017

I feel like they went out of there way for me. It was my first time buying a car, and I really needed exactly what I got. Eric was awesome, Joe was awesome. I so love my car his name is Baxter.

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Google Apr 21, 2017

After I purchased a used 2012 Equinox, I found a few things that needed fixed. It was partly my fault for not carefully checking out the entire vehicle before buying. At no extra charge to me, Matt Smith in sales made sure that these minor problems were taken care of.

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Google Apr 20, 2017

I came in with a pretty desperate situation. My wife had left taking our only personal car and leaving me with a company car that could not be used for personal mileage. Kelly Herring and Alex worked with me and put together the right deal for a lease on a new Trax. It was definitely a lifesaver.

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Google Apr 18, 2017

Great work

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Cars Apr 18, 2017

Very friendly.and do the work in a timely way.When you pull in they are opening the door for you.I will be back any time i need work done.

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